Plan your walk – but keep safe

Next weekend should have been JOTT 2020 all around the world. It’s a little sad to think we can’t join our Worldwide Brotherhood just now, but I hope you’ll find a way to get out some time soon, and to share your story with SCOUTS all around the world. Either close to home in your level 3 bubble, or maybe when we reach level 2 you could go out with some of your SCOUT Section (remember your physical distancing), remember to get out there and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine we’ve been yearning for while stuck in level 4 lockdown.

There are no date limits set for JOTT 2020, but please remember to take some photos and put them up on the JOTT Jamboree on the Trail Facebook Page, the one that reaches all countries taking part. They love photos with the current JOTT badge in it, and I should be able to send some out soon. They’ve been delivered to my home, I’ll start sending them out once I figure out how to safely access NZ Post services.

Get out, have fun, and stay safe. I’d love to hear your stories from the trail.

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