NZ Badge Orders

Now accepting orders for JOTT 2020 badges

Thank you everybody for your patience in these rather extraordinary times, we’re now in a position to accept pre-orders for JOTT 2020 badges. Please note that due to slow international cargo and limits on national shipping, there will be delays in getting badges to you.

This year’s badge shows a Koala, and is linked to the “South” element of the badge set.

Badges will be $3 each plus postage. In some cases that will be an envelope with a stamp. In other cases that might be a $3.50 satchel from NZ Post, possibly more if I need a bigger satchel.

I’m expecting lots of small orders, but it seems sensible to try and combine postage where possible. I’ve added a small tick box for you to tell me if you want badges held for combined shipping. There will be lots of extra communication to make that happen, but we’ll do the best we can.

Note that badges don’t need to be paid for until they are received, so you won’t pay for anything you didn’t get. This message will be repeated in your confirmation email.

SCOUTS NZ Region (required)

Please select "Yes" in this area if you want to delay shipping and combine with others in your group
If shipping will be combined, please provide an email address below for someone who will coordinate at your end. That person will receive one combined invoice with a detailed list of people's orders

Once you press "Send" this information will be sent to the person who distributes the badges, and a copy will be sent to the email address you supplied above. The Badge Distributor will contact you about your order.

If I sell out of badges there might be some manufacturing delays and price changes for small re-order quantities. Please be patient, I’ll do everything I can to make sure you get the badges you earn!

Please keep safe while you’re out there on the trail, this event can only run successfully if everyone continues to follow the guidance provided by SCOUTS NZ and the Government. Remember to think about other SCOUTS around the world as you go, they’re joining you in spirit on this special event.

If you have any concerns then please contact me at