NZ Badge Orders

The colour mixes have been confirmed, we’re now ready to accept orders for JOTT 2021 Day hike and Night Hike badges.

This year’s badge is the fourth in the Bears set, and features a brown bear going on a kayak adventure. The night hike badge is a grey-scale version of the same badge, with luminous threads picking out the JOTT 24 title.

Last year’s badge orders were quite drawn out, but this year we’re hoping it will be business as before. To encourage quick ordering we are putting a lower price of $3 per badge for orders in May, rising to $3.50 after that. There might be a second increase later in the year as well if things continue to be drawn out. Postage is additional, and we are requesting a minimum of six badges per order because a kitchen table full of orders for one badge is quite disheartening.

    SCOUTS NZ Region (required)

    Note: minimum order quantity of 6 badges in total please.

    Location of event (eg name of park, beach, local landmark - required)

    Description of event (eg city ramble, beach stroll, steep hills, flat terrain etc)

    Once you press "Send" this information will be sent to the person who distributes the badges, and a copy will be sent to the email address you supplied above.
    The Badge Distributor will contact you about your order.

    Here is the Bear Badge Set so far:

    The set arrangement for the four badges released so far in the Bear series