NZ Badge Orders – Day and Night Hike

JOTT 2019 Day Hike and Night Hike badges are available for order until 1 July 2019

JOTT 2019 Day Hike Badge
JOTT 2019 Night Hike Badge

Badges cost $3.75 each plus postage. Within a couple days of placing an order you will be emailed about the delivery and invoice of the badges.

Orders will close on 1 July, but we’ll review this date closer to the time and see how things are going. If you know you’re going to need badges after 1 July, please get in touch!

SCOUTS NZ Region (required)

Note: minimum order quantity of 6 badges in total please.

Location of event (eg name of park, beach, local landmark - required)

Description of event (eg city ramble, beach stroll, steep hills, flat terrain etc)

Once you press "Send" this information will be sent to the person who distributes the badges, and a copy will be sent to the email address you supplied above.
The Badge Distributor will contact you about your order. Badge orders closed on 1 July 2019, we will work with late orders to reach some sort of appropriate cost and lead time