News from the trail

JOTT 2019 getting ready to roll!

Preparation is underway in Christchurch for JOTT 2019, and the first sample badge has been received and approved. Time to get the Council Consent and start asking for help as we base our Day Hike around the Groynes and Otukaikino Walkway!

JOTT 2018 – badges now on sale

Sales are now open for the JOTT 2018 badges. This year’s badge is the first of a new design series featuring a bear in seasonal settings. The Night Hike badge includes glow-in-the-dark threads on a black-on-black setting. Very cool!

Order badges in April for a lower pre-event price.

Due to handling constraints, we’ve had to put in a minimum order quantity of 6 badges in total per order. If this is a concern for you, it might be a good time to link up with other groups in your area to run a combined event!

JOTT 2018 Day Hike Badge – the first of the new series

JOTT 2018 Night Hike Badge, featuring glow-in-the-dark threads in the white lettering

Exciting option for JOTT 2017 at the top of the South Island

This amazing option for JOTT 2017 is being run by Andrew Whitt of Churchward Park Scout Group. It includes a boat trip to the start of the trail, and a 10km walk in a section of the Queen Charlotte Track. Cost $45, bookings essential.

This may be the coolest JOTT event in NZ this year, possibly the best ever! If you think your event is better, let us know about it 🙂

If you’re in the Picton area, I’d encourage you to join in. More details on the flyer.

Thanks for letting us know about your event Andrew, and well done for running such an amazing event! Can’t wait to see your photos!

Churchward Park JOTT2017a

JOTT 2017 – badge designs released

The new badge designs for JOTT 2017 have been released, and NZ samples are being made. The 2017 day hike badge completes the set that we’ve been working on since 2013, an image of which is on this website. No news yet about whether the theme will continue after this year.

The Night Hike badge for 2017 is ALL IN BLACK, referred to by the designer as a “ghost patch”. The released image is in shades of gray so that people get a better general impression.

New Zealand will again run the large size and small size day hike badges, and the small size night hike badges. Prices are being confirmed, the website will be open for orders closer to the event.

JOTT 2017 is two months away, on 13 May. Have you decided where you’re going yet???

JOTT 2017 Night Hike
JOTT 2017 Night Hike Design (in gray, for better visibility)

JOTT 2017 Day Hike
JOTT 2017 Day Hike Badge

JOTT 2015 – Pegasus Bay Zone

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Pegasus Bay Zone hosted JOTT On Sunday, 10 May 2015. A day later than the official date, but with another big JOTT event hosted in Christchurch on the Saturday, this gave more options for people to get involved. A wonderful day for a walk. We hoped for 100 badge earners and got 165 on the day, which is fantastic! Happy Mothers’ Day to the Mums who joined us, we hope you enjoyed your Cupcake reward at the end!

2015 JOTT at Mt Vernon with Torlesse and Port Hills

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A wonderful time on the trail this morning with Torlesse and Port Hills, at Mt Vernon. 80 people walking with us, in wonderfully warm conditions! Well done guys, an awesome event… and more joining you this afternoon too!!!

2014 in summary

JOTT 2014 - Godley Head with Torlesse
JOTT 2014 – Godley Head with Torlesse

JOTT 2014 - Godley Head with Torlesse

JOTT 2014 - Godley Head with Torlesse
JOTT 2014 – Godley Head with Torlesse

I sold 1125 badges to groups all around NZ, which was a fantastic effort! I heard from Groups in Christchurch, Lincoln, Taiaotea, Dairy Flat, Hamilton, Grey Valley, Nelson, Arrowtown, Northdown Te Rangi, Waimate, Rowallan, Cust, Mania-o-Roto, Georgetown, Whitianga and Cambridge. A pretty good range, but I’m sure we can get even more in 2015!