JOTT 2020 – time to start planning!

Samples of the 2020 JOTT badges have been made, getting ready for our event on 09 May 2020. This year’s badge shows a Koala, and is linked to the “South” element of the badge set. How nice to have one of our Tasman cousins on an international badge!

I encourage everyone running a JOTT event to make themselves aware of the advice around COVID-19. Seek advice from your local Zone or Events Team, watch SCOUTS NZ, local Councils and the Ministry of Health for advice.

As at 16March2020, I’m seeing the following advice from MoH:

  • Remind the public and event workers not to attend if they are feeling unwell
  • Remind the public and event workers not to attend if they have been to any country except those listed in Category 2 (excluding airport transit) in the past 14 days
  • Ensure your emergency management plan is up to date
  • Brief your event staff on how to practice good hygiene and making it easy for staff and attendees to practice good hygiene

With more care required around hand washing and safe disposal of tissues, and tighter emergency plans, it feels like we need to start planning early this time around. Remember, “Safer Scouting – it’s what we do.”

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