JOTT 2017 – badge designs released

The new badge designs for JOTT 2017 have been released, and NZ samples are being made. The 2017 day hike badge completes the set that we’ve been working on since 2013, an image of which is on this website. No news yet about whether the theme will continue after this year.

The Night Hike badge for 2017 is ALL IN BLACK, referred to by the designer as a “ghost patch”. The released image is in shades of gray so that people get a better general impression.

New Zealand will again run the large size and small size day hike badges, and the small size night hike badges. Prices are being confirmed, the website will be open for orders closer to the event.

JOTT 2017 is two months away, on 13 May. Have you decided where you’re going yet???

JOTT 2017 Night Hike
JOTT 2017 Night Hike Design (in gray, for better visibility)
JOTT 2017 Day Hike
JOTT 2017 Day Hike Badge

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