NZ Badge Orders – Day and Night Hike

JOTT 2018 Badge orders closed on 12 June.

Please contact us if you still need badges, we have some limited stock still available.

J.O.T.T. 2018 Night Hike Badge, featuring luminous threads
J.O.T.T. 2018 Day Hike Badge





To order your J.O.T.T. 2018 Day Hike or Night Hike badges, please supply the following information:

SCOUTS NZ Region (required)

Note: minimum order quantity of 6 badges in total please.

Location of event (eg name of park, beach, local landmark - required)

Description of event (eg city ramble, beach stroll, steep hills, flat terrain etc)

Once you press "Send" this information will be sent to the person who distributes the badges, and a copy will be sent to the email address you supplied above.
The Badge Distributor will contact you about your order. Badge orders closed on 12 June 2018, we will work with late orders to reach some sort of appropriate cost and lead time

Please use the “Contact us” page if you wish to make any other enquiries.